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This project covered the entire process, from the conceptualization of the design through 3d images and plans, through construction work to personalized advice to the client, both in person and remotely, on the purchase of each design element and accessory. .

In short, after being contracted to design the 1st level, the social area of this duplex apartment, the remodeling work began, which had an execution time of 2 months: Starting with the demolition of the entire floor (all a challenge since being an apartment.  old had 3 different coatings one on top of the other!),


This in conjunction with the complete change of all the wiring of the apartment and the board; construction of the new ceiling that would be part of a new and optimized lighting; new coatings on floors and walls, painting, restoration of stairs, thermopane windows: everything necessary to install the kitchen furniture that would finally give the special touch to a nascent open space of fluid  circulation ready to share with family and friends.   

It was a rewarding experience to work on a complete project with such nice clients, very patient with the whole construction process that it always involves.  flip  practically the house with all the movement of teachers demolishing, removing cables, putting together new ceilings, although as the client said: "It was totally worth it", with that happy face that says more than a thousand words.

Providence, Year 2019

IMG_20190315_174352 B.jpg
ANTES (1).jpg

In addition to the kitchen and living room, a year later our client again requested our  service for the remodeling of this bathroom that resulted in  an  shocking "Before and After".  

Providence, Year 2020

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