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We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the field of Architecture, Landscaping and Interior Design, focused on Designing unique and artistic spaces that satisfy the need for comfort and functionality as a vital aspect for a high quality of life. .

About us
What we do
  • Remodeling / Various extensions in homes , starting from the design to the execution of work with plumbing, masonry, custom furniture manufacturing, among others, until the space is delivered ready to be used.


  • Various garden projects , including design and maintenance as an important part so that the work carried out is sustainable over time. Experience in projects of different sizes and complexities, from small apartment terraces to gardens and green areas of 17 hectares.


  • Building projects such as Museums and Hotels.


  • Interior design of offices in Las Condes, Ciudad de Los Valles, among others.


  • Regularizations /  Municipal procedures / Permitting.

  • Development and coordination of various specialties (electricity, sanitation, gas, among others).


  • 3D images, Survey and Digitization of plans

Our clients

Individuals and office companies in different areas: Consulting, Production, Manufacturing, Supply of various products, Communications, Health, Aesthetics and Beauty, among others.




Hilen Hernandez Contreras

CEO HZarquitectos

Architect-Designer.  Diploma in Landscaping.

Extensive experience in interior design, architecture and landscaping projects both in Chile and abroad.

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