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This Project responds to the request of our clients to change a garden perceived as a space enclosed by the strong presence of the perimeter wall and, at the same time, exposed by the lack of privacy resulting from the direct views of the closest neighbors.

For this they hired us to make the design which was reflected in plans and a photorealistic / 3D image that allowed us to show clients the "before" and "after" of their garden. Once the design was approved, the execution budget was presented and, once approved, the construction work began with a total duration of 2 weeks, beginning with the bases/foundations of the wooden frames, which were undoubtedly the protagonists of bottom.

This Garden was designed with the premise of being a dual space: contemplative/relaxation and playful, leaving a free and flexible space ready to be enjoyed by the children of the house.

The wooden frames were proposed as both an aesthetic and functional solution by blocking the visuals of the neighboring houses, granting the desired privacy.

The use of bamboos and the conservation of the existing flowering laurels help to blur the existing perimeter wall. The particular focus in one corner was achieved with the proposal of an arrangement with a fountain, white quartz, flowers and lighting that, together with a wooden bench, define that special and cozy space within the new garden.  

Huechuraba, Year 2018

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